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Classes & Workshops

Kevin writes and performs solo shows related to mental health.Mostly, the shows are comedic (or at least he thinks so). Always, the intention is to increase self-awareness through a self-depricating display of it.


The inspiration for playfully packaging (clinical) into (entertinment) came, primarily, from two...sources

Astrophysist Neil DT who "brings the universe down to earth" by lacing science onto pop culture scaffolding. And comedian Louis CK, who is guided by the philosophy that if you can take people to a place inside their minds where they normalyl feel scared and alone, and make them laugh in that place, it's a good thing.

Each of Kevin's shows comes in two iterations: a one-person play and a keynote address. The plays typically take place in traditional theatre venues (the last ran at The Cultch and the next will appear at The Orpheum Annex). The keynotes take place anywhere people will listen (AGM's, University Athletic Banquets, and a...are a few places where poeple have listened).

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One has never met a mirror he didn’t like, the other can’t stand to see himself. At a weight loss camp in California, a skinny Canadian counsellor-in-training will attempt to form a relationship with his first ever psychotherapy client, a young American man with a binge-eating disorder.


Directed by Raugi Yu, THE MIRROR TEST is a fictionalized account of writer/performer Kevin Kokoska’s real-life experience. It follows the awkward, affective, often humorous journey of two different-looking men attempting to understand the familiar-looking face in front of them.




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